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About Daughters Day!

Daughters are a boon that parents can have since having them makes their lives so much colourful and lively. They are like angels and make your lives so beautiful by just having their presence in the family. While there is no such particular reason for celebrating your children, having one will not hurt at all. Likewise, the national daughters Day is the perfect occasion for you to celebrate your little beautiful angel and shower her with all your love and care possible on the happy daughters day.

daughters day is the national day for the celebration you have receives as a gift in the form of your daughter. Both moms and dads have special bonding and relationships with their daughters, which is why the world daughters day 2020 is celebrated. It is the day to cherish your daughters.

The main reason for creating an international daughter day 2020 was to remove the stigma in many countries that is attached for having a girl child instead of a boy. But in the other countries that are already developed, the daughters day 2020 is celebrated for the joy of having the precious girl child and raising her to their best.

This festival, being so successful across the countries shows that times are now changing. People are happily celebrating having their daughters and the world daughter’s day 2020 inevitably leads to different forms of celebration amongst the families along with their daughters. As the happy daughters day date falls on a fourth Sunday every year, both the daughters and parents will have a holiday on this national day, which means that they have the entire day to spend together and celebrate the world daughters day 2020.

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I live for my daughter. Each decision I make is all about her and for her. It feels great. She’s perfectly perfect.
Oh my son is my son till he gets him a wife, but my daughter’s my daughter all her life.
“My daughter.. Patience!, my daughter, learn patience, & life will be very easier.”
“Be a role model to your daughters. This is the biggest responsibility of the mother and father because they are raising their sweet baby into a reasonable woman. Loads and loads of love to our apple pie.”
“Motherhood is pure bliss; little girl child softens their daddy dearest heart and fills the parent’s life with sheer joy. A daughter is always the best friend of mother and father.”
One of the biggest gifts which I have received from God, she calls me daddy. My daughter might be small but she is my world and I love her to eternity.
Happiness is spending quality time with father and cherishing good memories.


Why the daughter’s day celebrated?

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National Daughters day 2020

Daughter’s day 2020 is celebrated for cherishing your daughter and be grateful to the God for her presence in your lives. It also makes for an important precedent, especially when it comes to a country like India where usually a boy child is preferred, that daughters are as equal as them and as deserving of the same amount love and care. This is the national day to remind yourselves and the world about what your daughter means to you and how precious she is to you.

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Across so many cultures in India, patriarchy is the only norm, and because of that reason, the daughters are always given a lower stature than their sons. This discrepancy has led to an accentuation amongst the status of all the boy child and has affected the self-confidence of several daughters to a greater extent. Many daughters are always shown in the inferior light because they and many other people around them believe that they are not capable enough of doing things that the boys can. This particular problem is so much more faced in India by the girls in India, where throughout the entire history, women were only expected to give birth to sons and not daughters. Not only has this thought caused a serious blow to the number of female population and daughters but has also put all women a step behind the men when it comes to progress.

So many governments all across the world and now in India have recognised that there is a need to celebrate the birth of daughters and elevate and encourage them so that people can come to know that daughters are no less and capable enough than their sons. This kind of a thought and belief provides the entire family to have a get together and spend their quality time along with their daughters.


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There are so many ways in which the daughters day is celebrated and differs from one family to another. Some parents prefer to write cards, messages and letters and give the message to their daughters. Some of them gift their daughters with their favourite things. Depending on the relation the daughter and parents have between them, the celebration is done accordingly. There could also be an outing with family with the daughter and the daughter could even spend her time different with the individual parent.

When is daughter’s day 2020 celebrated across the world?

When is National Daughters Day 2020 in India?27th September
When is National Daughters Day 2020 in USA?27th September
When is National Daughters Day 2020 in UK?27th September
When is National Daughters Day 2020 in Canada?27th September
When is National Daughters Day 2020 in Germany?27th September


If you are wondering about when is daughters day celebrated, then here is the answer. The happy daughters day date falls fourth Sunday every year so this year it is on 27th September 2020. This week will also be called as national daughters week

You now know that when is daughters day celebrated so go ahead and make your daughters feel special than ever on this day.


National Daughters day Countdown!

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