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It is that time of the year to celebrate the womanhood. The manner in which we up bring our daughters totally determine how the next generation of women are going to be. Today, they are so much stronger, determined, compassionate, and always stand for their parents. Having daughters is so much adorable and there is never a doubt about it. On this daughter’s day you can teach them to always hold their heads high and never fall into any kind of discriminations or comparisons when it comes to gender. They make us feel so much special with their warmth, softness and adorable nature. They do make us feel proud about that for obvious reasons.

Daughter’s Day is one such special day for honouring and celebrating daughters and womanhood. Just the way we have Father’s Day and Mother’s Day to honour and celebrate parents, Daughter’s Day is that day when we cherish and celebrate having daughters and that special bond of love which they share with us. While different countries celebrate Daughters Day on different days, we in India celebrate it on the 4th Sunday of the month of September. Therefore, this year the Daughter’s Day falls on 29th September 2019.

We think that we are all equal and should be treated likewise, but many a times due to situations and circumstances of the unjustified patriarchal society that we all live in, it happens most of the times that the girl child or the daughter is treated much inferior to the son or the male child. For encouraging the gender equality amongst both female and male children in the families and the society on the larger scale, the governments of so many different countries have made the daughters day as the national festival. However, if we look at the present times, the perceptions of people have started to change. There are so many families from around the world that celebrate daughters day as one special day for their daughter and spend quality time with her.

Different families celebrate the day differently by gifting the daughters, writing them letters or going for an outing. But if you are wondering how you can make your daughters day special, you can look for some daughters day quotes online and you’ll find so many of them. You can also look out for national daughters day quotes for your daughter. The daughters week quotes might help you too if you want to make your daughter feel special by sending a good message.

However, if you want to customise your message as an individual parent, you can search for daughters day quotes from mother and daughters day quotes from father. These personalised wishes and messages will make your daughter feel even more special. Don’t forget to play your part in making her feel special by celebrating the daughters day on the 29th September! Celebrate the angel the god has sent you and make her day filled with immense joy! Take her out, send her messages and gift her with something special coz after all, it’s her day!


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Best Daughter’s day quotes from Mother and Father:


Daughters make for the happy memories of the past, the merrier moments of the present, and the promise and hope of the future. Wish you a very happy Daughters Day!


A daughter is amongst the most beautiful gifts sent by god in the form of angels.


Behind every successful daughter is a super amazing dad who believed in her.


A son remains a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter will remain a daughter for the entire life.


A daughter is her mother’s treasure.


I know dear daughter that we argue a lot and drive one another crazy, but our love for each other is much stronger and greater than anything else in this world.


To my eyes, you’ll always remain my baby girl. Please don’t upgrow so fast you little one, I love you so much!


With each day that passes by, you keep growing more and more beautiful to my sight. You make me feel proud of the golden heart you have.


I would have done some good deeds in my life that god gifted me with a daughter so beautiful, kind, smart and sweet as you. Never change yourself, my dear one.


During the times when I feel low, I just look at you and it reminds of this miracle that you are!


I’ve seen you growing up so fast and getting smarter, beautiful, and so talented. I’m just loving the fact that I’m blessed to have a daughter like you!


My heart is always yours, my lovely daughter. We are always a team. Love you my sweetest.


Nobody in this world loves a girl more than her own dad.


My dear daughter, you are amongst the most precious treasures and our home’s dearest possession.


A daughter is a totally broken woman without her mother. It is a kind of loss which turns into arthritis and then settles deep down in her bones.


Raising a daughter is the biggest blessing for parents, it is like growing a cute flower. You must give nothing but your best . When you have fulfilled your job, she blooms into the most beautiful women. A mother’s biggest treasure is her wonderful daughter.


The love between mother and daughter is a different kind of love, words are not enough to explain the feeler. It is pure and pious; the love is unconditional and the mother works hard to maintain the say. She does not do anything different rather she does everything special for her charming princess. This is the reason a daughter always remains a prized possession of their parents. 


When you raise a daughter, each day of our lives is deposited in the memory backs.
These are the cutest memories that will last for a lifetime and this is what you will cherish
forever. My dearest daughter you are my reason for a happy life.


A daughter is a princess for every father this is not because they are waiting for the prince charming. This is because their father is a king and he has raised them with best standards.


A daughter is a princess for every father this is not because they are waiting for the prince charming. This is because their father is a king and he has raised them with best standards. Happy Father’s Day to the best man in this world.


No matter how many boys are in my life, my father will always be my prince charming and first man who I have loved unconditionally. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Father’s Day to the best day.


One of the biggest gifts which I have received from God, she calls me daddy. My daughter might be small but she is my world and I love her to eternity.


My daughter makes me laugh with her cute sense of humour, everything about her is beautiful. I aspire to take everything in life the same way she does. Love you lots, my little princess.

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