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I love my daughter quotes

Every parent find’s their daughter to be a blessing, she is always the apple of their eye.  A daughter is always their father’s favorite. The bond between daughter and mother is incredible too. Celebrate this beautiful bond by sending quotes for daughter to your adorable princess. 

If you are a dad, you always will find your daughter to be your favorite, cherish this incredible connection with daughter quotes from dad. If your daughter loves humour and funny quotes, don’t miss out funny daughter quotes because this is surely going to bring a smile on her pretty face.

What can be more beautiful than sending quotes for a daughter? Both mother and dad can select the best I love my daughter quotes and convey their love to them. We often don’t say in words how much we love and care for daughters,  a simple and funny quote can be the best way to make them happy. 

When you send a mom quotes from the daughter I love you they feel blessed and super happy. This is such a warm way to show that you love and care for them. Don’t wait for a day or special occasion to show your love, simply choose a cute I love my daughter quotes and make her day special.

Nowadays, kids are away from their parents due to work, education and other commitments, a mother-daughter quotes sayings can take her down to the memory lane. Bring back the good old memory in the form of cute short mother daughter quotes and spread love.

As a mother, I always want to be part of shaping your dream and aspiration. I have never regretted to say a big goodbye to my dreams because I have always lived them through your eyes and love this version the most. 


To my darling daughter, I love to watch your smile, it is my vitamin tonic. You are my guiding light and reason for my smile. You are my life’s purpose; this is the reason I love you the most.


I always wished for an adorable and loving daughter, but you the perfect daughter and have all the qualities to be the world’s best daughter. I love you to the moon and back, apple of my eye.


After my darling daughter’s arrival, my life is transformed into a fairy tale and my adorable princess is my darling daughter. Thanks for being a blessing in my life. Love you the most.


My baby girl, your beautiful smile is enough to shoo away all the worries and sadness. My heart always belongs to you, I must have done something right in my life to deserve a wonderful daughter like you.

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Mother and Daughter Quotes

Motherhood is a joy, words are never enough to explain the beautiful feeling, but a simple quote can do the trick. After becoming a mother, a woman cherishes every moment with her child, especially daughter. 

A mother is a selfless person and she can do anything to notice a tiny smile on her daughter’s face. Try out seeing my daughter smile quotes, because every mother desire to see a pretty smile on their daughter’s face 24/7.

How about cherishing this beautiful bond of mother and daughter with heart touching quotes, it will not only make your mother happy but always she will be touched with this kind gesture. A simple I love my daughter quotes is enough for your daughter to meltdown and bring happiness. If she is down or not in a happy mood, an adorable daughter quotes from mother will elevate her mood.

We are busy with our lives and hardly find any time for our loved one, especially our mothers. A beautiful mother-daughter quote sayings can bring a smile on her face. If you are not much into emotional quotes you can also share a funny mother daughter quotes and celebrate your beautiful bond.

Adding a dash of a fun element is always the best idea, especially when it comes to relationship,  humor is crucial. You will find incredible funny daughter quotes here, pick a favorite of yours and surprise your lovely daughter. This will showcase you as a humours and cool mommy. 


Only as a mother, I can understand what my daughter needs because no one will ever be able to understand the bond we share. It is only my daughter who knows how my heart sounds like from the inside. Love you, my baby girl, never grow up. 


No matter what might be the distance or time mother daughter relationship is one which will never fade away. It will grow beautiful with time, just like a fine wine. A big cheer to the beautiful bond of motherhood.


A girl can have as many friends, well-wishers, and philosophers in her life but no one can replace the place of the mother. A mother can effortlessly take the place of all others but she is a masterpiece and irreplaceable.


A mother is a perfect package for their daughters.  A mother is the best role model, friend, first love, guide, critic, an advisor who nurtures her daughter selflessly.


A mother selflessly struggles day and night so that her daughter gets the best in her life. Seeing her baby girl growing up into a strong girl gives her biggest joy of a lifetime.

Funny Daughter Quotes

Humor and fun are not just part of life but it is also the art of life. A simple and funny joke can instantly crack you up. A funny quote is the best way to bring a smile on your loved one’s face instantly. 

 We all are busy in our own lives and we get hardly any time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. What can be best than sending funny daughter quotes to your sweetheart daughter because she might also have a tough and stressful day? An adorable short mother daughter quotes which are funny is enough to make her day happening. 

  Transform a dull a boring day into a cheerful day by simply selecting a unique funny mother daughter quotes. As a parent you need to be innovative and fun-loving, nothing can make your daughter happy than a funny daughter quotes. Simply select the best funny daughter quotes and share with your loveable daughter. 


The bond between father and daughter is always special and no one can replace it. For every girl, their father is their first hero and first love, it is the dream of daughter to receive adorable I love my daughter quotes from their father. You can also give her the best surprise by sending seeing my daughter smile quotes.


You will find here plenty of daughter quotes from dad which are not unique but also overwhelming. If you are a mother you must check out the cute short mother daughter quotes they are just incredible. 


Motherhood is not a bed of roses, in fact, every day I juggle between staying calm and drinking and going to bed early. My journey is a roller coaster ride and pretty scary at the time. 


 My daughter is my heartbeat; it is just that the beat is getting louder day by day. I manage to love her more with every passing day.


 Every day I smile because you are my daughter, I laugh harder because I cannot do anything about it.


 As a mother my life does not come with a manual, I feel it is the daughter’s birth right to piss off her mother.


 Life is super tough my darling daughter, handling you is also the same. I wonder this is because you have got all the attitude from me.

Cute Daughter Quotes

Cuteness will never go out of trend and it must when you have an adorable and loving daughter. Cute daughter quotes are what you should share with your loveable daughter, this will elevate her mood and make her happy. You can also share an adorable mother daughter quotes sayings and tag her social media handles. Today’s generation loves it the most. 

 I love my daughter quotes is not only cute but is the easiest way to win your daughters attention. She will like it a lot. Everyone wants to be loved and a cute short mother daughter quotes can do full justice to it.

There is nothing as adorable, special and unbreakable as the strong bond between a mother and her daughter. The relationship many notice changes as times go but still, there is one thing which remains same and that is unconditional love. The daughter quotes from the mother is an innovative way to celebrate the bond.

Words are never enough to share the incredible bond between a mother and a daughter. It is complex yet strongest bond across the globe.


As a mother I want you to believe in yourself as much as I believe in you, this will make you strong superwomen in the future.


I am blessed to be your mother; God has given me the best in the lot. Love you, my darling daughter, I am your proud mother.


The mother-daughter bond is forever; I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. No matter how far you are, you will always be close to me.


Everything I am today; you have helped me to be my dear mommy. I love you to the moon and back my superwomen.


We have the best and handpicked mother daughter quotes sayings which will add more value to your relationship. All you need is to select the most lovely quotes for daughter and share with her, you are assured to get a warm tight hug.

If you are away from your home mom quotes from the daughter I love you can instantly bring you together, this is a cute way to cherish your good old memories.  

We have a list of unique lovable and cute message which will strengthen your bond.  Cherish the beautiful bond of love, care, affection and warmth with these daughter quotes from mother.

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